Water Features

Ever dreamed of sitting outside after a hard day’s work, just wanting to be soothed by the sound of a babbling stream, bubbling boulder, or the gentleness of a waterfall? Do you envision sitting next to a tranquil koi pond and watching the fish seemingly dance in the water? A water feature should look as if it has been there long before our time and will continue to be long after, as if everything else was almost built around it, not as if it was just simply built on top of the ground.

Combine a water feature with our landscaping and you can have a pond with a Japanese Maple on its edge that just seems to be stretching out its arms to provide your tranquil pond a little cover. Roddy Landscaping can not only create the design of your dreams, but also build and maintain it for you so that you only have to sit back, relax, and enjoy it.

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